Become a Promoter

Benefits of being our Promoter

Sell tickets for your own events

Make money by promoting others events

Ticket sales transfered to your bank account

Manage and track your sales and commissions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become a promoter or sell tickets for events?

Please register and look for the login button at the top of the header, click on it and follow the instructions to become a promoter. You can then create and sell tickets for events and make commissions from every sale.

As a promoter, how do I sale my tickets?

When you create your promoter profile, you would have created a dedicated URL in this format - https://pauloboxoffice.com/my-event.php?ref=jd1Ni Share this URL with your network via your social media and any customer that visits our site through your link automatically becomes your customer and you earn a commission from every purchase made from a given event as long as you are promoting this event in your profile.

How do I get promoters to market my event?

You can offer promoters a percentage from the commission from your total sales.

When and how do I get paid after promoting a given event?

Promoters’ get paid their commission into your Account between 3 to 5 days after an event has occurred. All you have to do is setup your bank account in your user profile and you will have your fund transferred after an event.